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Nov. 4th, 2012

Manny loves:
Thomas the train (still)
Dinosaur train
Dino Dan
Land before time

Notice a trend :)

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we are in New Orleans! :)

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"no manny dont bite that! come on pal" - mellie

she also calls him buddy a lot haha.

recently she has taken to closing him in the closet and cabinets. such a sweet sister. :P

Jul. 17th, 2009

i am so blessed. so content.

...off to stare into manny's perfect little eyes.

Jan. 5th, 2008

 mellie was 21 pounds and 27 inches at her last appointment. we shall see what she is on monday!

presents went well, mellie even acted interested in all her presents. we did videotape it :]

lorenzo got a few tools, knives/cutting board, and a bunch of clothes, which he needed badly!

i got $200 mostly because my mom probably didnt know what i wanted. the money will probably go towards a dentist appt. haha fsja;fa

i also got slippers, croc shoes, a laundry sorter, toaster w/ built in radio(wtf??), earrings, and i cant remember what else atm.......

mellie got a ton of toys to share with her cousin at my moms house. this awesome story/music cube thing. books in spanish(!!! now lorenzo can read to her without making the story up lol). of course she got baby clothes.

we also got the babies christmas pics back and they are totally cute. hopefully i can get them sent out tomorrow.

also i found out my cousin is still bfing her little boy, he was born premature and 4 weeks before my sister's little girl. and she bought a good pump to used for when she works (mostly fulltime). so yay!!!

mellie is officially mobile!! she is actually cross crawling. hooray. only now i need to vacuum. she picks up every tiny little thing on the floor. i pulled bits of paper out of her mouth twice today :O

i am all done with her christmas shopping minus the big present, a sweet car seat. my poor husband is back but sick. :[

mellie said da-da today. i think she has done it a few times before but today was really clear. 

lorenzo and i just looked at each other and smiled.

she is growing way too fast ahhhhhh speaking of her... bath time, story time, bed time. hip hip hooray!
it is the cutest thing when babies laugh and smile in their sleep.

Aug. 23rd, 2007

we are home! 

i seriously had soo much fun. i can't wait to go back. mellie was a trooper!

birthday in 5 days!!


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